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Copyright Issues And Laws On Internet

The use of Internet has increased the world over in the last few decades. Today it is almost unimaginable to not have access to the internet especially if you wish to connect to a global audience. Internet is a means of communication that has bound the global village in a close knit group. It has opened channels to a lot of information from all parts of the world in just a click.

No matter how many praises we sing of the internet, you cannot discount the act that it has brought about a lot of violation of right to intellectual property of an individual or a collective. Plagiarism that is passing off somebody else's work as your own and piracy that is reproducing, editing, recording, distributing and ripping off somebody else's work has become commonplace in the web world.

A copyright is basically a right to protect such illegal reproduction of your work. If your material is copyrighted no one can use it without your consent. They are bound to mention your name as the source of the material. The copyright mark authorizes you as the owner and creator of the material and therefore if it is used without your permission you have the right to sue the other person.

One thing you need to remember is that just because a body of material does not have a copyright mark does not mean it is not copyrighted. This is not true. All material on the internet produced originally is copyrighted. A lot of matter is available on the internet for your disposal. If the creator of the matter opens it to public use by giving his consent, you can freely play with the material. You can edit, copy, record or use it for your purpose. Many a times, you can just ask the author and he may allow you to use the material without any cost involved. There are rare cases where an author denies such permission because if it is on the internet it is quite obvious everybody can access it. However, in case the author denies permission, just take the material off to avoid any unwelcome issues.

Legal action can be taken against the person who engages in copyright infringement. But such legal endeavors are a waste of time and money for the plaintiff himself and therefore it will be his next to last option.

It is indeed important to respect the other person's right to his original material because the violation can achieve serious proportions sometimes. If this happens there is no way but to face the legal penalties for the infringement.

There are a number of groups functioning on the internet who have a well established network to steal images (while there are so many free photo sites out there, graphics, video, music and text. These groups need to be tracked down immediately and half the problem is solved. Amongst the more sophisticated users awareness must be spread o mutual respect with regard to the material so as to secure one's body of work. It is vital to make the internet a more secure place to post your creations.